Hypnotherapy for teenagers

Being a teen is confusing at the best of times but in these days of mobile phones, facebook, twitter and other things it is even more challenging.

Hypnotherapy for teenagers is a safe therapy which helps children and teenagers release deep rooted negative beliefs which may have been picked up from school, television, the media or even within families. These negative beliefs lead to insecurities which often lead to bad habits such as nail biting, tics or even hair pulling. Children will also often worry about things they see or hear on the news which lead to anxieties as they build up images in their minds of this happening to them and their families.

Add to this mix, the stresses and strains of everyday life such as peer pressure, exam stress, sibling rivalry or just feeling like they don’t fit within their family unit.  All these things lead to anxiety which then in turn affects their confidence and self esteem.  Hypnosis is a very calm and simple way to get them back on track and to help them feel in control and on top of things. Hypnotherapy gives them the tools to help them to cope with situations they come across in every day life.

I encourage parents to have a few hypnotherapy sessions for themselves so they understand and can discuss the therapy with their child or teen. It will also help the parent restore balance to their stress levels and get their mind working in a positive way to bring about a positive change in themselves and their children and to create a harmonious atmosphere within the home. You are the biggest influence on your children and how you react and interact with the world has a huge impact on them.

Some of the issues I help with are:

  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Irrational Fears
  • Phobias
  • Exam Worries and Confidence
  • Study Techniques (Focus, recall)
  • Sports Performance
  • Nail Biting

Please contact me by phone or email to discuss any issues you or your teen may be struggling with or if you have any questions and would like to book an initial consultation.