Looking After Number One!

Many people think that looking after yourself is the selfish thing to do.  Is that true?

I guess it’s how you look at it.  Looking after yourself is actually the selfless thing to do. The reason for this is, if you look after yourself, you will have more resources for everyone else! If you are constantly rushing around doing things for others, you end up exhausted and sometimes even resentful!

Imagine you are a jug, surrounded by glasses.  Each person, thing or responsability in your life is one of those glasses. For example,  one glass is your family, or, a glass for each family member. Another for your job, your friends etc etc.  Now,  you as the jug, need to keep those glasses full.  Every time the glass needs topping up you pour from the jug.  Soon that jug is empty and has no more to give.  However if the jug stops to replenish itself every so often, it will always have enough to keep pouring!

What can you do to ‘replenish’ the jug?  In order to replenish yourself you need to do things you enjoy that are for you. That doesn’t mean you have to go and do it alone.  It might be something as simple as finding time to read or going to the cinema or having a facial or watching the grand prix.  As time goes by and our responsibilties get bigger, we seem to forget about ourselves and put ourselves last.  This can lead to upset and dis ease!  Now is the time to make changes.  With the New Year fast approaching, perhaps one new years resolution should be to start thinking about number one again!  Not all the time but maybe just once a week would be a good start!